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Wilderness: Jenna Coleman Plots Sweet Revenge on Cheating Husband in Trailer for Prime Video Drama

Sometimes, revenge is a dish best served cold, but for Jenna Coleman’s Liv, it’s a dish best served however she sees fit.

Prime Video on Tuesday debuted the full-length trailer for its psychological thriller Wilderness, and something tells us it’s the perfect show for when the nights grow colder.

Premiering with all six episodes on September 15, 2023, Wilderness tells the story of a woman who learns about her husband’s infidelity and the lengths she goes to to get revenge.

Plotting His Demise - Wilderness

“Liv becomes the actress starring in Will’s bad dreams after she learns about his betrayal, and her heartbreak is swiftly followed by another emotion: fury,” a press release from Prime Video shared.

“The couple embark on an American road trip Liv’s fantasized about since she was little, from the Grand Canyon on through Yosemite, before ending up with a hedonistic weekend in Las Vegas.”

Wilderness Key Art

“For Will, it’s a chance to make amends; for Liv, it’s a very different prospect—a landscape where accidents happen all the time.”

“The perfect place to get revenge. Look what he made her do…”

“While exploring the American wilderness, the couple bump into Will’s colleague Cara (Ashley Benson), a young woman with a glittering career and an adoring boyfriend, Garth (Eric Balfour),” the logline teases.

“Liv’s best-laid plans are wrecked and, as the foursome go hiking together, Cara and Garth soon find themselves enmeshed in Will and Liv’s lives in a way that will change the course of all their futures forever.”

In the Car on Wilderness

The official promo delves deeper into the relationship between Liv and Will.

At first glance, their relationship seems perfect, but there’s evident tension when you see what happens behind closed doors.

But Liv struggles with the lies her husband told, and it kicks off what looks to be a soapy miniseries that tells us the entire story.

The binge release isn’t for every show, but Wildnerness looks like the type of show we’ll want to devour in one sitting.

Ashley Benson on Wilderness

Jenna Coleman describes the series as “… a darkly twisted thriller exploring a marriage gone wrong, which shifts into a cat-and-mouse psychological chess game between husband and wife.”

“A drama about codependency and freedom. Boundaries and blurred edges. Revenge and sanity, or the lack thereof.”

“Ultimately Liv’s tale is one of survival—it becomes a very primal, visceral, and feminine tale of coming into her own.

Paul Dailly is the Associate Editor for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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