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Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 1-02-23: Shocking Confessions to Start the Year!

The new year is a good time to start over, and it happens some Salemites are sitting on serious secrets.

Gabi now knows that Li brainwashed Stefan and Sarah recently learned that Xander was the creepy clown that kidnapped Susan and Bonnie, leaving one woman dead and the other seriously traumatized. And they’re not the only ones with secrets to tell — Eric and Brady just kidnapped little Rachel to get leverage against Kristen!

Will anyone have a happy new year on Days of Our Lives during the week of 1-02-23?

Spoilers for the Week of 1-02-23 - Days of Our Lives

Happy people don’t make for good drama, and there is a ton of misery on the way.

According to the spoiler video, there is massive fallout from Kristen using the orchid to force Brady to dump Chloe and move Kristen into his home.

Brady reluctantly agreed to have Eric kidnap Rachel so that Kristen would be forced to return the orchid, ending her blackmail, but now the orchid will disappear. Who has it?

Orpheus wasn’t happy that his plan to poison the women failed so miserably; could he have had someone swipe it back while Kristen was busy boasting that she’d broken up Brady and Chloe?

There’s also the possibility that Kristen hid it herself because she wanted to punish Brady for using their daughter to force her hand. Still, without the orchid to use as leverage, Kristen cannot force Brady back into her life. So that’s unlikely.

It’s also possible that Rex or another doctor caught onto the scheme and swiped the flower to try to analyze it and mass-produce the serum. And since spoilers say Eric will ask Sloan to watch the missing girl, she may learn the whole story and take the flower for her own reasons.

In any case, the missing orchid spells disaster for Kate, Kayla, and Marlena. Winter spoilers have the three dying and visiting Heaven.

Head writer Ron Carlivati refuses to reveal whether the women will die for real, but how likely is it that Days of Our Lives would go there? Usually, characters only visit Heaven when they’re coming back to Earth.

Besides, when the soap tried killing off major characters during the Salem Stalker storyline, it caused an uproar; fortunately, everyone turned out to be alive and held captive on the island of Melaswen. (Ironically, Roman’s “death” during that story ended his relationship with Kate.)

Please scroll down to check out all eight spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 1-02-23.

Nicole is Hesitant - Days of Our Lives

Nicole is hesitant to fall back into bed with EJ.

She should be. Not only would EJ be the third person she was with in as many weeks, but these two have a very negative past.

EJ abused Nicole so severely that she was terrified to tell him she was pregnant with his child. Even though these two are getting along better nowadays, how can she trust him not to hurt her?

Besides, Nicole recently realized that her relationship with Eric was based on nothing but nostalgia for what they once had. Does she want to risk another disaster with a different ex?

Johnny and Wendy Discuss Their Future - Days of Our Lives

Johnny and Wendy discuss their future.

Johnny and Wendy have had a fake relationship based on keeping a major secret. Now that that secret is out, what might their futures hold?

These two make a cute couple; they wouldn’t be the first fakers to fall for each other.

But Wendy lives with Johnny’s ex-wife, who is now dating his twin sister. Could a Wendy and Johnny union stir up trouble for Allie and Chanel?

Gabi Tells Stefan He Was Brainwashed - Days of Our Lives

Gabi reveals the truth to Stefan and Chloe.

The chances that Stefan believes Gabi right off the bat are slim to none. He doesn’t remember being brainwashed, thinks he hates Gabi and has moved on with Chloe.

Gabi might have to work to convince him, in an ironic redux of when she thought Jake was a brainwashed Stefan.

Will Chloe continue in this relationship, knowing Stefan’s feelings for her are not real?

Justin Learns What Xander Did - Days of Our Lives

Sarah tells Maggie, Justin, and Bonnie what Xander did.

Justin and Bonnie knew Xander was hiding something, but they thought he was a hero who rescued Bonnie from the kidnapping clown. And Maggie has been convinced that Xander is innocent.

This will be shocking and upsetting for everyone. Will Justin and Bonnie press charges?

And what advice will Maggie have for Sarah after learning the truth?

Alex Grills Chad - Days of Our Lives

Alex grills Chad about Chad’s relationship with Stephanie.

Just when things were going well, Alex has to ruin it with unnecessary jealousy.

Chad has made it clear (mostly, anyway) that he is not ready for a relationship and that he and Stephanie are friends who work together.

Stephanie didn’t like Alex being borderline stalkerish when he wanted to date her, and she won’t like him being possessive now.

Kate Gets Bad News - Days of Our Lives

Rex gives Kate bad news.

Kate’s blood test will show that the poison is about to take hold of her again.

She’ll collapse in the Pub, kicking off round two of this poisoning storyline.

We know the women will go to Heaven, but will all three come back? Probably, but who knows?

The Orchid Disappears - Days of Our Lives

Kristen discovers the orchid is missing.

Kristen must turn over that orchid to save the women and get her daughter back. But it’s gone when she opens the cabinet where she’s stored it.

This spells bad news for the poisoned women, as well as for Kristen. Will she get Rachel back now?

And who has the orchid? Could her young daughter have realized that it was the key to keeping her parents together and taken it herself?

 Eric Talks to John and Marlena - Days of Our Lives

Eric gives John and Marlena shocking news.

Eric will probably tell John and Marlena the whole truth about why Brady moved Kristen in, including the plot to kidnap Rachel.

Marlena has limited time before the poison gets to her, but right now, she’s fine, so how will she react?

Nobody is likely to be happy with Eric’s role in this mess, but first, they have to deal with Kristen and get the lifesaving orchid.

What do you think, Days of Our Lives fanatics? Are the women going to die for real?

Hit the big, blue SHOW COMMENTS button and let us know your thoughts.

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