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Channing Tatum Dropped A Wet, Shirtless Post On The Dance Floor To Celebrate The Release Of Magic Mike’s Last Dance, Because Of Course

Channing Tatum once again hit theaters baring it all this weekend — just in time for Valentine’s Day — in his latest film, Magic Mike’s Last Dance. At this point, everyone is pretty used to seeing him scantily clad, but it certainly isn’t getting old. Both he and his fans enthusiastically celebrated the film in of his recent social media posts. Tatum marked the threequel with a wet and shirtless dance floor post (because of course),  and I can’t say I really blame fans for praising Tatum’s smooth moves.

Magic Mike’s Last Dance seemingly marks an end of an era for Channing Tatum, as he has starred (and stripped) in the entire film franchise. With his 2023 new movie release having a sense of finality to it, it only makes sense that Tatum would want to commemorate its release with a spicy little promo post that shows the fun side of filming the latest (and possibly final) movie in the franchise. Tatum and his seemingly perfect abs can be seen in his newest Instagram post. For fans who have seen the wet and wild trailer for Tatum’s film but not yet the film itself, the apparent behind-the-scenes compilation video attached to the post sheds some light on how the wet scenes were filmed and how silly Tatum got in between takes. Check it out for yourself:

We already know that the leading man and director Steven Soderbergh know how to do “sexy” well, and they are so successful just in the clips the actor shared that fans seem to be ignoring the fact that wet pants are one of the most uncomfortable pieces of attire in the world. The miraculously seems comfortable enough to spin, dance, and jokingly swim in such a drenched state, but the attractiveness in which he does it certainly steals the spotlight.

Devotees are showing how much they appreciate the apparent behind-the-scenes sneak peek Channing Tatum shared by giving their love and excitement in the comments section. A number of verified accounts are leading the pack of over six thousand users who have commented on the post, and they’re getting a little spicy talking about the “wetness.” Others are discussing how excited they are to see the film, wit one fan relaying that their 80-year-old grandma specifically requested to see the film in theaters. 

The rest of this article contains minor spoilers for Magic Mike’s Last Dance. Read on at your own risk if you haven’t yet seen the newly released film.

Actual critic reviews of Magic Mike’s Last Dance are mixed, which can be common for  trilogy cappers that seem to deviate from previous installments. The movie is a shift from what fans have come to expect from the franchise, as the titular character actually doesn’t do much stripping until the very end and rather than for show, he does so as a profession of love – which honestly brings home the idea of his last dance. 

Considering the more emotional and definitive nature of Channing Tatum’s closing dance, it makes his post a little more touching, especially with his caption of “We did our part.” Tatum certainly worked his butt off on the film series, and to think that his part is done is a little sad. So enjoy every minute of Magic Mike’s Last Dance, which is now available to see in theaters and will likely join the previous two films in being available for HBO Max subscription holders when it eventually heads to streaming.

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