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BTK Shares Bone-Chilling Nancy Fox Murder Details in Confession of a Serial Killer Clip

Prepare to get a glimpse into the innerworkings of the mind of a serial killer.

A&E’s new documentary, BTK: Confession of a Serial Killer premieres Jan. 8 and 9, and so far, it looks creepy AF. In an E! News exclusive clip, American serial killer, Dennis Rader, known as BTK, gives the details behind the murder of one of his victims, Nancy Fox, in a never-before-heard conversation with professor of Forensic Psychology, Dr. Katherine Ramsland.

“You enjoy the look of fear on your victim’s face?” Ramsland asks Rader in the clip.

“Well, yes.” Rader responds. “It’s sort of a sexual arousement. With Fox, things went pretty smooth and everything and although her face was down, it’s just the idea that I had done it. It’s all I needed. 

“It’s like my mom when her finger was caught in that couch,” he continued. “She was struggling.”

One of the interviewees explains in the clip, what happened while Rader was murdering Fox. “As he was setting a straddle of her, he leaned over and whispered in her ear ‘I’m BTK, I’m a bad dude,’ he explains in the video “That was the second scene where DNA was found…on one of her nightgowns that was on the head of her bed.” 

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