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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 Episode 7 Review: Lost Soldier Down

Tackling the serious topic of PTSD in the military is to be commended.

Too bad that subject was regularly undercut by an ample dose of Deeks buffoonery on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 Episode 7.

It was a shame that no one could find some way to give Vargas some relief from his crippling condition.

Apparent Suicide -- Tall - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 Episode 7

His PTSD had so taken over his life that Vargas, who was opposed to drugs, was willing to try LSD to break free of it. 

The hallucinations caused by the LSD eventually did get rid of that PTSD. Sadly, it did so by ending his life.

Mysterious Death - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 Episode 7

And it wasn’t as simple as one tragic loss of life. Instead, another case spun out of Vargas’s suicide, another intelligence officer dealing drugs for an unknown supplier.

Complicating the case was Kilbride’s insistence on keeping the investigation on the D.L., so word wouldn’t leak out about LSD being sold on a naval vessel.

Renfro’s rationale was laughable, using LSD to sharpen his concentration so that he could more effectively do his job.

Equally unbelievable was his explanation about receiving messages from a mysterious benefactor who would leave drug stashes all over the ship for him to sell.

Investigating Suicide - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 Episode 7

Weirdly, at least the second part ended up being true.

Sam and Callen worked on cracking the LSD-selling ring, leaning on Renfro until he gave up the little bit he knew. He should have questioned the wisdom of selling drugs for an unknown person when he took all the risks.

Thank God for Fatima’s algorithm, which knocked down the list of possible suppliers to one in no time flat. How did cases get solved before computers?

So, once again, someone viewers hadn’t heard of until the last 10 minutes ended up being the mastermind behind the whole operation. Randall Davis, we hardly knew ye.

Making Changes - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 Episode 7

Kensi was missed. Once again, the episode proved how essential she is when tempering Deeks.

Sure, some older viewers enjoyed watching older Deeks lecture youngster Roundtree about the good ole days. It was turnabout is fair play for when Deeks played the youngster up against Sam and/or Callen.

Having learned nothing from the bar fiasco, Deeks decided to surprise Kensi by redoing their backyard. Hasn’t Kensi always struck you as a person who loves surprises?

Fortunately, everyone pointed out the error of his ways to him, and he finally sought Kensi’s input into his plans. I’m sure she loved being consulted about plant choice amid a dangerous mission.

Intelligence Officer Down - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 Episode 7

Deeks may have been a welcome break for Roundtree from his mentor, Sam, despite the dated references. After all, he could eye-roll Deeks with impunity. Everyone does.

And just like Kensi and Fatima, Deeks and Roundtree did work together well, even if Deeks did act like he was pushing retirement age.

Prophet Mahee Mahee was one of those bizarre L.A.. characters for which the show is well known, most of whom are suitable for one appearance.

It was somber that, in the end, the person responsible for Vargas’s death was a well-meaning therapist who was looking to temper his pain.

Backyard Plans - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 Episode 7

PTSD was a subject near Admiral Kilbride’s heart, who saw it developing within his own office.

After Fatima was shot on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 Episode 5, her injured leg did seem to be taking a long time to heal.

By continuing to nudge her, Kilbride got Fatima to admit that while she had been physically cleared to return to fieldwork, she hadn’t mentally gotten past the shooting yet.

It was heartening to see Kilbride tell her to take the time she needed to heal. He had seen too many sailors rush back to duty rather than properly deal with their mental health issues.

LSD Death - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 Episode 7

She had the wisdom to inform her partner Roundtree that she would need a couple of more weeks before returning to the field.

Callen switched things up on his side project. When he kept sneaking glances at his phone, I thought he was checking out leads about Katya.

But no. Instead, Callen was seeking contacts to learn more about where Hetty was. Hasn’t he learned by now that when Hetty doesn’t want to be found, she won’t be found?

He admitted to Sam what he was up, then turned around and told Sam he was backing off. Then he arranges a meet-cute with Leah, Hetty’s contact, to pump her for what intel she has to offer.

Officer Suicide - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 Episode 7

He would have better luck locating Katya, although it was nice that someone is thinking about Hetty, other than viewers.

What was the purpose of Roundtree’s confession about spying on his sister and her male friend? And why was Fatima so intent on inserting herself into the situation?

As sweet as it was, Roundtree should have just accepted the fact that sometimes his sister has better things to do than go to amusement parks with him. She has a life, unlike many at the OSP.

And why did Roundtree feel compelled to tell Fatima that he’s been seeing someone? To see if she might be jealous?

Suspicious Death - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 Episode 7

To follow Deeks untethered, watch NCIS: Los Angeles online.

How well did this episode tackle PTSD?

Why is Callen suddenly tracking Hetty?

How did you like the pairing of Deeks and Roundtree?

Comment below.

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