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Kevin Hart Just Recapped His Biggest 2021 Moments, Including That Funny Don Cheadle Interview

The end of any year always signals plenty of retrospectives in Hollywood. We talk about the best and worst of just about everything, who had stand-out years, and the most unforgettable moments. Leave it to the always-busy Kevin Hart to do his own retrospective of 2021. From his Netflix domination to that viral awkward moment with Don Cheadle, he covered it all – and reminded us what an incredible year he had. 

Kevin Hart is one of the most sought-after people in Hollywood. While he became a household name due the strength of his comedic talent, he’s expanded his ventures far and wide into the entertainment industry, becoming a seemingly unstoppable force. In case you weren’t paying attention to everything he got up to in 2021, he provided a recap on his Instagram account which laid it all out in under three minutes. Take a look at the whirlwind year he had here: 

Even if you’re an avid Kevin Hart fan, there’s a chance you could have missed some of his major ventures last year – because there were so many. First and foremost an actor, Kevin Hart had a huge year on that front as well. He starred in True Story, an anthology limited series (which had a surprising cameo), and the original film Fatherhood. Both were projects for Netflix that showed off his dramatic chops, and the latter won him a People’s Choice Award. He still got a chance to show off his comedic timing in that Chase commercial that paid homage to Home Alone, and with appearances on shows like The Ellen Show and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

But we also saw the other ways that the star is expanding his Hollywood legacy. The clip recaps his work as both a radio and TV host with clips from LOL Radio on SiriuxXM, in which he interviewed Daniel Craig about No Time to Die and his new talk show series Hart to Heart, where he burst out laughing during conversations with Miley Cyrus and Jay Leno. He also made sure to point out the series’ most memorable moment to date – when he bluntly responded, then quickly apologized, to Don Cheadle after the renowned actor shared his age during an interview. 

It also highlights some work he did behind-the-scenes. He narrated the audiobook for his own book, Marcus Makes a Movie, and executive produced Plastic Cup Boyz: Laughing My Mask Off and London Hughes: To Catch a D*ck

The Instagram clip also highlights the brand partnerships Kevin Hart had in 2021 – he worked with Hydrow and C4, and even repped Fabletics with his own collection. And if you happen to be a Motortrend fan, you may have caught his streaming series for them, Kevin Hart’s Muscle Car Crew. (Seriously, he was everywhere last year.)

But perhaps most exciting for Hart fans, the actor also made sure to share some glimpses of what we’ll get to see this year. He showed behind-the-scenes clips from a new season of House Husbands of Hollywood. And he teased some exciting footage from The Man From Toronto, which was filmed in quarantine, and Me Time, his new Netflix movie with Mark Wahlberg. There’s a good chance he’s got even more up his sleeve for 2022 – so his recap for this year could end up being even more epic. 

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