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NFL Star Antonio Brown Takes Off Shirt & Leaves Field Mid-Game: Coach Says He’s ‘No Longer A Buc’

Tampa Bay star Antonio Brown ripped his shirt off and left in the middle of his game against New York Jets. His coach said he is “no longer a Buc.” Tom Brady weighed in as well.

Tampa Bay wide receiver Antonio Brown caused quite a scene in his game against the New York Jets on January 2. After what appears to have been some drama on the sideline during the third quarter while his team was down by double digits, the NFL star ripped off his shoulder pads, shirt and gloves and tossed them into the bleachers. As he waved to the spectators, Antonio quickly exited the stadium, shocking both fans and his own teammates. It is unknown what caused him to quit the game in such a hasty fashion, especially since he had successfully caught three catches for a total of 26 yards.

Antonio Brown
Tampa Bay wide receiver Antonio Brown left in the middle of his game against the New York Jets on January 2. (Adam Hunger/AP/Shutterstock)

Meanwhile, Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians addressed the situation after the game, saying Antonio is “no longer a Buc,” according to several reports. Buccaneers quarterback and NFL legend Tom Brady also spoke out on the matter, saying, “That’s obviously a difficult situation. … We all love him and care about him deeply. I think everyone should be compassionate and empathetic toward some very difficult things.”

Fans immediately took to social media to give their take on the controversial move. One showed support for Antonio, saying his mental well-being needs to be taken more seriously. “We all know that Antonio Brown mental issues needs professional Help …it’s a shame that once number one receiver in the NFL is no longer in the NFL,” the user posted.

Another Twitter user pointed out the drama was definitely untimely for Antonio. “Antonio Brown needed: 8 more catches to unlock a $333,333 bonus. He also needed 55 receiving yards to unlock another $333,333 bonus. He also needed just 1 receiving TD to unlock another $333,333 bonus. This was a costly outburst.”

With Antonio being known as a troublemaker in the past — he live streamed a private locker room speech back in 2017 while with the Pittsburgh Steelers — one user wrote, “WR Antonio Brown took his uniform off along with his equipment, threw it into the stands, and left the field. Of course he did.”

And another fan gave an alleged play-by-play on what happened when Antonio left the stadium. “security said Antonio Brown ran out of stadium shirtless &!into a police car to be escorted to flight by himself out of town away from the buccaneers! this after he tore off his jersey during game threw his shirt in the stands freaking out”

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