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The Fight That Never Ends Sneak Peek: Everyone Wants Chang, But Will They Do The Work?

If there’s something that most people can agree on, it’s the idea that the world could use more unity, community, justice, and change.

With its string of inspirational and heartening films, Lifetime presents The Fight that Never Ends, a film inspired by the real experiences of Joanne Beck, who serves as producer of the movie.

When times are bleak, it’s nice to have uplifting and inspirational stories told, and this one fits the bill.

The Fight That Never Ends - Tall - Lifetime

The Fight That Never ends is about community, the efforts of hardworking and selfless individuals who hope to instill change and curb the gang violence that is riddling a neighborhood.

It’s a human story and a love one that pushes for the fight for racial justice through bringing unlikely souls together rather than sowing seeds of division.

The Fight That Never Ends is about a man, Leon Watkins, played by Allen Payne, who runs a community outreach helpline in the high-crime area of South Central LA.

All are welcome, and his line is always open for anyone, and that includes a local gang leader named John Wesley Hunter, played by Robert Ri’chard, who goes by Joker in the streets.

Lean On Me - The Fight that Never Ends

Joker realizes that he needs to get out of the life after another day of violence, where he nearly loses his life.

After Joker retreats to the safe place that Leon provides for all, Joker can see the potential for a new path laid out ahead of him.

At the center of this film is Joanne, played by Christa B. Allen. She’s a woman who shows up after learning about Leon’s work in the community, offering assistance.

On the surface, they don’t look like they’d work well together, but Joanne and John become quite a team working together to fight for the community, love, and a brighter future.

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It’s a story of humanity and love bound to keep you glued to the screen.

TV Fanatic scored an exclusive sneak peek of the film.

In the clip, we catch our first glimpse of John Watkins.

He’s awaiting word from Joanne about her offer to accompany him with his work and mission serving the community, but he’s discouraged when he still hasn’t gotten any news from her.

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“Everybody wants change, but nobody wants to do the work to make it happen,” he laments.

John’s colleague (Draya Michele) reminds him that the work they do is hard, and it’s not something a person can dive into without consideration.

They’re not getting paid for it, and the only reward is that of the heart and making a difference.

Her positive attitude prompts John to compliment her on how much she means to him and how much value she offers to the place. He doesn’t want her going on without knowing her importance.

The Fight That Never Ends - Tall - Lifetime

The realities of the area they live and work in and its dangers are highlighted when John offers to walk his colleague to her car as a safety precaution.

She lets him know that she’s fine on her own. She alludes to carrying a weapon for safekeeping and to protect herself.

John is startled by this news. “You know firearms are illegal,” he observes.

“So is rape and murder, but people still do it. I’m just not about to let it happen to me without a fight,” is her witty retort.

Unlikely Love Story - tall - The Fight That Never Ends

Well played, madam. And well-said, too.

Check out the exclusive clip below!

The Fight That Never Ends airs this Sunday, October 17, at 8/7c on Lifetime!

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