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New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 2 Review: We’re In This Together

Dr. Fuentes is going to raise some hell.

The final moments of New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 2 could be a real game-changer for the season if Karen succeeds in recruiting Michelle Forbes’ character to the hospital to replace Max.

After the time we spent getting to know Dr. Wilder, something (the ominous music) tells me that the woman Karen had on speed-dial will shake things up and bring the drama.

Announcing their Departure  - New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 2

The hour attempted to balance the medical aspects with the relationship developments and drama. However, sometimes, it feels like the latter is overtaking the series.

In an hour with so many primary relationships, we don’t require all of them to have significant screentime in each installment.

By giving us Sharpwin, Leyren, and Flyn, it was more of a soap opera than medical drama. And I say that as a fan of at least two of these relationships.

A lot was going on at once during this installment. We got the angst in each relationship, Iggy’s terrible bout as a mentor and teacher, the ICU in a freefall, and the quest to find a new medical director.

Casey Spies - tall  - New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 2

Iggy’s storyline felt as if it was on a different series.

He hasn’t recovered from the things that happened to him, and in his mission to prevent his students from making the same mistakes as him, he damn near drove them away from the field altogether.

Initially, Iggy’s nitpicking and antics were good for a chuckle. But then he got carried away, ripping apart and criticizing the students and unleashing criticism with limited positive reinforcement. It was brutal to witness.

It’s no wonder they walked out on him. You can’t blame them in the least. His behavior was repulsive.

Sucky Mentor - tall  - New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 2

Ironically, despite Iggy’s intentions, it was far from what he should’ve been doing as a professional and teacher.

As much as he was advising them about all the things they were doing wrong, stifling their attempts before they could get into the groove of things, he should’ve been following his advice.

Fortunately, Gladys was there to set him straight as the forever unsung hero of the series.

Casey joins Gladys as one of the most underrated characters in the series. He, too, was a scene-stealer during the hour.

Spreading the Sharpwin Agenda - tall  - New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 2

Absolutely adore the hair, and he was a hoot when he stumbled upon Max and Helen kissing and proceeded to spread the gossip like a schoolgirl.

All the varying reactions to Max and Helen’s relationship were amusing. Iggy’s unawareness was baffling, and Floyd assuming they were already a thing was hilarious.

Lauren: What about Max and Helen? All that sexual tension brewing for years.
Floyd: They weren’t already together?

It’s the most fun we could have with Floyd since he’s still bogged down with this relationship with Lyn. Floyd and Lyn’s chemistry is electric. That portion of this plot isn’t the issue.

But everything else about this affair masquerading as an open marriage is messy and nonsensical. Where is the series attempting to go with this, and what are we to glean from it?

Confusing Relationship  - New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 2

Lyn got upset with Floyd when she assumed he was only speaking of their relationship as if it was sex and not a deeper connection. But Floyd was right to point out that he didn’t know if he could have anything else with her because of her husband.

She claimed they could be everything he wants, but she also minimizes their affection in public, and their relationship is this secret.

Without judging or shaming anyone for their choices, what is the point of Lyn staying married, pursuing something with Floyd, and keeping it under wraps?

Lyn has Floyd all turned around and obsessed. We still can’t tell if Claude knows anything or not, and most days, I want off of this ride.

Lyn Malvo-tal - New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 2

Meanwhile, Leyla and Lauren had a bizarre storyline about privilege. So much of the drama here was avoidable if Lauren respected Leyla’s wishes and their initial choice of keeping their relationship private at work instead of announcing it to the residents.

Lauren is great, but she’s aloof to certain things and insists on her perspective and way being the only thing.

Lauren: The thing about women is they just need to hear two words: I’m sorry. That’s it. The silver bullet to any argument. I actually could’ve saved myself three hours of processing last night if I followed my own advice.

She has always been a rich and privileged kid, so any issues to this degree are repeat blind spots for her.

Nothing good could ever come from arriving to work together in town cars, making out in public, and Lauren doling out encouraging and complimentary words to only Leyla.

Leyren in Love - tall - New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 2

No one should’ve had to point this out. It put a target on Leyla’s back for no reason, and Lauren couldn’t even begin to understand why Leyla had issues with all of it.

It’s ridiculous that the residents were nitpicking at Leyla for having nice things Lauren gave her. It’s one thing to go on about all of that anyway, but when Leyla shared that she was homeless, among other things, not long ago, and they still had snide comments, it was enough to make you want to smack them.

But then you factor in other aspects of this dynamic, and they could’ve taken their privileged commentary and shoved it where the sun doesn’t shine.

Leyla was a formerly homeless immigrant who had to redo her residency because this country refused to acknowledge her schooling and skills.

Smiling Girlfriends - tall  - New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 2

These privileged American white kids whining about Leyla having a shiny new stethoscope was absurd. Their issue is Leyla’s relationship with Lauren screaming nepotism, and they don’t need to hide behind any other excuses to be pissed about that.

And the worst part about it is they can’t even begin to know how right they are about how Leyla’s relationship with Lauren has given her an edge.

If Leyla already has an issue with her peers’ judgment and Lauren’s cluelessness to how their relationship and Lauren’s money affects things for Leyla, she’ll spazz out when she learns about the bribe Lauren paid.

This entire storyline seemed to serve as a method of teasing this inevitable issue.

Chaotic ICU - tall  - New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 2

But the crux of the issues during the hour fell on Max.

As a medical director, he had his hands full when the ICU of all places was understaffed. And when they said there was limited staff, they meant no one was there at all.

The ward went haywire, and one of the best parts about this storyline was that we got to see Max practice medicine. As a medical director, he doesn’t do that often anymore.

Here, he got his hands dirty, and they did a good job of showing how rusty he was as he struggled to adapt and make the right calls.

Max Practices Medicine - tall  - New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 2

Max was overwhelmed, and so was the ICU staff. It was a realistic nod at how overworked medical staff is because of the pandemic. Many medical staff members tapped out, and it’s led to many shortages across the nation.

Almost everyone had to roll up their sleeves in the ICU once Max announced he was running the ward for the day.

New Amsterdam deserves a medical director who is going to put the hospital first.

Dr. Wilder

The medical cases were stressful, and we almost lost patients more than once.

Lauren called Max out on not seeking help, and Max and Helen were adorable working together.

Once again, Helen allowed a situation with a case and her patient to affect how she viewed her relationship.

Sharpwin RomCom  - tall  - New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 2

Helen’s feelings on some matters are valid, and it probably speaks to maturity and their closeness that she can express her concerns openly and bluntly with Max.

But at this rate, it keeps coming across as if Helen is looking for reasons to tank their relationship, and she can’t trust that she’s happy or something.

They have six weeks before they leave, and I understand that she’s worried Max will back out, change his mind, or something will come up.

But didn’t she already know he was attempting to get Dr. Wilder to take his job over? Wasn’t that a sign of his commitment?

Wilder Declines - tall  - New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 2

He made this choice not that long ago, and she’s already upset at him for not telling everyone instantly. He has a lot of things to get in order before he departs.

And she knows the issues he had with Georgia’s parents, so you can also understand why he’s figuring out the best avenue to tell them what’s happening, too.

I don’t feel like Max’s actions, or lack of them, were signs that he wasn’t committed to her or this move. It felt premature to have these worries.

And her whole thing about him bringing her down and drawing some parallels to the climbers felt excessive.

Sexy Stares Near Ambos -tall - New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 2

They are barely basking in the time they’re together, and we’re already diving headfirst into all of this angst, drama, and obstacles. Yes, we got our Sharpwin, my friends, but damn if it didn’t come with a cost.

New Amsterdam is mean for doing this to us; good grief!

It almost feels wrong to state this since the history of Max and Helen has been Helen putting up with a lot for Max’s sake.

But now we have this dynamic where Helen is flighty, and Max jumps through hoops to accommodate her. Meanwhile, she continually expresses doubts about him and their relationship.

Looking Happy - New Amsterdam

You two just freaking started, Helen, chill!

Maybe she’ll come to regret the pressure she put on him. The others were shocked and didn’t look happy about their impending departure.

And Karen is livid, but she somehow had Fuentes on speed-dial. Did Karen always have a backup plan for Max?

She barely walked away before she was making that phone call. Max hoped he could get Wilder to take his position, but once she explained why she chose family first and made that her priority, it was hard to be disappointed.

Blindsiding Karen - tall  - New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 2

Wilder is everything New Amsterdam would deserve, and she’s such a fun character. She even inadvertently gave Max a reminder about the importance of his priorities, something he’s struggled with the entire series.

I don’t know if I trust you to be my partner. You’re not prepared to leave. You’re not even telling me why and because we are in this together, I fear that you’re going to take me down with you.


But she will not be taking over anytime soon or at all. Instead, we’re getting Fuentes, and this woman will bring the heat and the hell.

Over to you, ‘Dam Fanatics.

What are your thoughts on Sharpwin and their constant obstacles? Are you a fan of Floyd and Lyn? Will Leyla and Lauren continue to have this same issue?

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