8 ’90s Action Movie Remakes I’d Like To See Happen

Stargate (1994)

Speaking of space movies with franchise potential, Stargate was the catalyst for a few enduringly popular, critically acclaimed, planet-hopping sci-fi TV shows set in the same universe(s) – including, most notably, Stargate SG-1. Despite this, the original film – in which a loose-canon colonel (Kurt Russell) and eccentric linguist (James Spader) lead an expedition through a strange, ancient device that sends them to a primitive alternate dimension – is a lot of the same cheesy schlock you would expect from Roland Emmerich movies (Independence Day: Resurgence, 2012, etc).

Considering its grand story potential and the creative rejuvenation it would experience on the small screen, I believe this franchise deserves the same treatment on the big screen, and perhaps with a filmmaker as gifted as Jon Favreau or Denis Villeneuve at the helm.

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