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Are 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’s Ariela & Biniyam Still Talking Marriage After Her Ex’s Visit?

She added, “And then now I’m engaged and I have a baby. It’s been an adjustment period for me to think, ‘OK, my life is a shared life now.'”

The one thing Biniyam and Ariela can agree on is their shared, undying love for Avi. “His favorite thing to do now is push-ups with dad,” Ariela gushed. “They have their little dance routine. He especially loves his father’s song. Every time his father’s song comes on, he goes crazy.” 

MMA fighter Biniyam adds, “He wants to try a back flip. He’s a fast learner.” 

The loving father-son team often “play circus” now that Avi had a successful surgery. “Avi, when he’s sick, I was so scared,” Biniyam reflected. “I was scared of Ari [leaving] and then not coming back. My ex-wife, she left and she didn’t come back. That’s why I’m so scared, nervous, so many stressful moments.”

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