The Matrix Resurrections: Release Date, Cast, And Other Quick Things We Know

The First Footage Teases An Eventful Reunion Between Neo and Trinity

We, the general public, are still waiting to get our first official glimpse of The Matrix Resurrections, but the lucky folks at this year’s CinemaCon had the privilege of seeing the first footage from the intriguing new sequel. As detailed by our own Eric Eisenberg, this mysterious new sequel will feature Neo, who is seemingly no longer aware of The Matrix, recounting some bizarre dreams to his doctor. This is not the Neo we’ve once known, the leader of the battle to save humanity. And if it is, that man’s triumphs are long recessed in his brain. That is, until he meets a woman once known as Trinity, and when they shake hands, there’s an instant tingle of familiarity shared between them. From there, Neo must choose whether or not he wants to continue being blue-pilled.

That’s an intriguing idea for a modern Matrix sequel — possibly one that’s going to be divisive to fans, too. But we’ll hopefully see this exciting footage for ourselves in a matter of time.

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