Chrissy Teigen Fires Back at Claims She Deletes Negative Comments From Her Social Media Posts

Chrissy Teigen has a few pet peeves about the way she feels she’s currently being treated on social media. 

The 35-year-old Lip Sync Battle co-host took to her Instagram Story on Tuesday, Aug. 10 to share two complaints about how users have recently been reacting to her presence. In the post, she wore a colorful robe and used a puppy filter.

“Two things that I think are funny right now,” she said. “One: People in my comments that are mad that there’s not enough angry comments in my comments. They think that I like delete them. But like, what?”

She continued, “That’s like next-level hater, when you’re mad that there’s not enough hate. It’s pretty… you’re just crazy.”

As for the other thing that’s bothering her, she explained, “If I leave a comment underneath somebody’s photo, even if it’s nice—’You look great,’ ‘I love this outfit’—people get all sorts of mad. Because…I am alive.”

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