DC’s Blue Beetle Movie Is Reportedly Lining Up A Cobra Kai Star For The Lead Role

The Blue Beetle superhero mantle has existed since 1939, with Dan Garrett first fighting crime with that moniker and Ted Kord succeeding him. While Ted became well-known both as a solo superhero and for teaming up with Booster Gold and other members of the Justice League International, unlike Dan, he was never able to access the powers of the Scarab (which has varied from being magical or extraterrestrial in origin), and thus fought crime with his own combat skills and special gadgets. Jaime Reyes, on the other hand, fused with the Scarab upon discovering it in his hometown of El Paso, Texas, and among the powers he has when fully armored up as Blue Beetle include super strength, flight, projecting energy blasts/shields and understanding alien languages.

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