Epic Black Adam Fan Art Pits Dwayne Johnson Against Noah Centineo’s Massive Atom Smasher

Black Adam and Atom Smasher have history going back to Geoff Johns’ run on the JSA comic book series, with the two men initially developing a rivalry when the former joined the superhero team and the latter doubting that he’d reformed. However, as time passed, they developed respect for one another, and Atom Smasher ended up becoming one of the meta humans who helped Black Adam overthrow the oppressive regime ruling Kahndaq. Eventually though, Atom Smasher left Black Adam’s side and rejoined the Justice Society in their efforts to apprehend Adam. It’s unclear if Atom Smasher and Black Adam will establish close ties with one another in the DCEU, though given how Black Adam is more often depicted as an antihero nowadays rather than a straightforward supervillain, I can’t imagine they’ll remain legitimate enemies for too long.

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