Adapting Stephen King’s Quitters Inc. And The Ledge: Checking The Scratch And Bite Of 1985’s Cat’s Eye

A month later the card given to Morrison by Jimmy falls out of his pocket, and being in the vicinity of the Quitters, Inc. headquarters he decides to check it out. Meeting with a consultant named Victor Donatti, the middle-aged smoker quickly learns that the organization is spectacularly serious about getting people off cigarettes, and that their methods are extreme. Morrison wishes to opt out, but he discovers that’s not an option on the table.

The rules are simple. Over time he is surveilled at various levels of extremity, and if he is witnessed smoking there are specific penalties. Caught once, Morrison’s wife is thrown into a room with an electrified floor. Caught a second time, Morrison goes into the room. Caught a fourth time, an agent is sent to assault Morrison’s son with special needs. And if he gets caught 10 times, Quitters, Inc. relegates him to the two percent of applicants deemed “unregenerate,” and they execute him.

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