5 Marvel Characters Kelly Marie Tran Would Be Perfect To Play


There is another Marvel hero whose origin makes that of Silk, Rose, and Raya combined seem as light as a Dora the Explorer episode. Robert and Jane Takahama’s dream to provide their daughter, Helen, with a better life was cut short on the day of her 15th birthday when the couple was murdered by Onslaught (an evil split personality living within X-Men’s Professor Charles Xavier), who then destroyed her home and surrounding neighborhood attempting to take over Earth. Soon after, Helen was captured by mad Nazi scientist Arnim Zola, who began to conduct experiments on her that her made faster, stronger, and filled with energy.

That energy was, quite literally, a natural bioelectric field that allows Helen to shock enemies with a touch and endow her with agility strong enough to move at superhuman speeds and distances. Taking on the name Jolt, the hero became a member of Thunderbolts (how fitting, right?), among other notable superhero teams. Perhaps if Kelly Marie Tran is cast as her for the big screen, we could see her join the Avengers.

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