5 Marvel Characters Liam Neeson Would Be Perfect To Play

Ulysses Bloodstone

Actually, I do not believe that we have seen Liam Neeson don heavy makeup prosthetics for a role (if we exclude Darkman, where he was largely covered in bandages) and, at 69 years old, he might prefer to keep it that way. So, maybe instead of playing a large, monstrous creature, he would be better at playing a human who specializes in the extermination of such things?

One of Marvel’s most famous monster hunters is Ulysses Bloodstone, who is portrayed in the comics as a caveman kept alive for thousands of years by an extraterrestrial gem lodged in his chest, which also inspired his alias. He would later pass on his skills in tracking the world’s most notorious beasts to his son Cullen and daughter Elsa, whom I would love to see team up with Deadpool someday. If and when that happens, I think it would be fun to see Liam Neeson portray a new take on Bloodstone who, instead of having prehistoric origins, is just a tough guy who knows how to kick some ass – a persona that Neeson has perfected over the years.

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