No Sudden Move Ending Explained: What Is Everyone Really Chasing After In The Crime Thriller?

Russo takes the money and runs to share with his lover, Vanessa (Julia Fox from the Uncut Gems cast), who – in, arguably, the film’s most dazzling twist – shoots him dead so she can have the money all to herself, until it is abruptly swiped from her when she is pulled over by a cop who somehow knows her by name. That is because the cop was sent by Officer Joe Finney (Jon Hamm, no stranger to period pieces since leading the Mad Men cast) – the gumshoe investigating the Wertz Family’s hostage situation who is actually crooked and reports to Mike Lowen, to whom Finney promptly delivers the loot.

Meanwhile, Wertz reunites with his family who had been staying at a neighbors’ house since the incident, but is destined to continue being haunted by the consequences of his actions (another detail I will elaborate on soon). Probably the one other character granted a “happy” ending is Goynes, who is mercifully spared by Watkins and able to walk away with the $5,000 promised to him at the very beginning.

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