After Zola, Check Out More Movies And TV Episodes That Janicza Bravo Has Directed


Lemon is on of many hilarious dark comedies, and it was directed and co-written by Janicza Bravo. It stars Brett Gelman, Judy Greer, Gillian Jacobs, Michael Cera, Shiri Appleby, and Nia Long. The film follows Isaac, an acting workshop teacher who is still holding on to the dream of an acting career. Instead, the only jobs he seems to book are commercials and ads for diseases and illnesses.

Isaac is a very dysfunctional and destructive character. He has no filter, which often leads to awkward situations. He also seems to be an agent of chaos when it comes to his own life and happiness. Lemon uses a very distinct style that almost makes everything and everyone seem detached from the moment. It also feels like a play more than a movie. Lemon is Bravo’s feature-length film directorial debut.

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