Cruella’s John McCrea On Queer Representation In Film

I think the real issue with anything like that is representation and knowing that enough people are being seen for the roles. If they’re getting the chance to go into the audition rooms, that’s a good start. I don’t think – it’s kind of a systemic thing, because I think there were so few successful, like at top level, successful LGBTQ actors, that when a role does come along in a really high budget movie, the chances of one of those people getting it is very, there’s more straights. And I understand sometimes in order to get a movie made, you know, in order to have a certain budget, but I think hopefully that is changing as time goes by because people are living sort of more openly now than they ever have been before. So hopefully it will change. And also, I hope that people keep writing more roles for queer people. But yeah, I think a shift is necessary. I think we should be doing all we can to cast people, but in all roles, not just in queer roles.

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