These $22 Turkish Beach Towels Have 3,600+ 5-Star Reviews on Amazon

Here’s what reviewers are saying:

“I bought the grey for myself for use at the beach and for poolside. Bye bye, heavy towels! This thing is great – very soft and absorbent, more so following a first wash and it didn’t shrink. It is a very rich, cool grey color, and the minimalist pattern will go with anything. I plan to get another to use at the end of my bed like a throw to add to bedroom decor. The cotton material is just so nice to the touch!”

“It’s like a giant tea towel for your body! It’s absorbent, so you’re not all drippy after getting out of the shower, and it also dried quickly on the rail. And it’s much faster to dry in the dryer, too. Better yet, save the planet and hang the clean towel outside on the line – it’ll be dry in no time.”

“This is my first experience with a Wet Cat Turkish towel, but it won’t be my last! After carefully reading many reviews, I decided to try this towel and what a difference it makes! First of all, it is much more absorbent than any luxe cotton loop towels that I have tried and I have tried ALL the high end towels from Frette, Sferra, etc. Wet Cat is a completely different experience.”

“The pros: these towels won’t hold sand! My kids buried half of one of these under the sand and I was pleasantly surprised how quickly all of the sand shook off. By far, this is the best quality of these towels. The towels are also not bulky, because they’re the thickness of paper napkins, which means they take up a lot less room in the beach bag.”

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