Why Tig Notaro Replaced Chris D’Elia In Army Of The Dead, And How They Did It

Zack Snyder Sent Tig Notaro A Near-Complete Cut Of Army Of The Dead To Consider The Role

By the time Zack Snyder got around to offering the role to Tig Notaro, a near-complete cut of Army of the Dead was already made with only editing, CG effects, and sound needing to be touched up, per a Vulture story on the making of the film. Instead of storyboards, basic outlines, and other information about the movie, Snyder sent the future Army of the Dead star a copy of a screener (which still included Chris D’Elia’s performance) along with notes laying out the directors plan of attack.

Tig Notaro was admittedly shocked when she received the offer to appear in Army of the Dead, especially considering she’s not exactly known for action movies, as she noted both in the Vulture piece and during an interview with Zack Snyder on her Don’t Ask Tig podcast.

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